BIR: DAY 25/25

by audzquepal

MAY 17, 2017 (Wednesday)


Time In (AM) – 07:50 am

                Ma’am Daphne was instructing me on what will I do for that day, she said I continue what I left (2015 TAMP Consolidation). She told me to get a chair and there were no vacant seats available, so I forced my friend to move and she saw it and laughed. As I was working on the consolidation, Ma’am JO called my attention that I write the 7 letters to the referral logbook. She said that I already knew the process and she was lazy to instruct other interns. I got flattered she chose me hehehe. After finishing the letters, I continued my task of consolidating 2015 TAMP. I finished it and went down to tell Ma’am Daphne that I’m done and told my concerns. I went to get the file for the increments that was on Ma’am Daphne’s laptop. One taxpayer requested me to get Form 2551M at the Admin Section. I printed the transmittal and let Ma’am Daphne sign.

Time Out (AM) – 12:10 pm

           Ate Lomi at Aziz with the M.A. gang. It was drizzling so our food was suitable for a cold weather.

Time In (PM) – 12:40 pm

          Printed the finished letters of late payments and the incomplete manual payments . We printed the Non-Filers letter but it was rejected at the end because Ma’am Imelda and the POV of Ma’am Daphne and Ma’am Jona were conflicting, so she said that I leave it first. Kuya Drei encoded the new letters that was proofread and I printed them. Most of the work I done during the afternoon was printing. Ma’am Imelda told me to scan-email documents of her through Ma’am Jasmine. We had the opportunity to document things. We had a photo opportunity with Ma’am Jocy and my supervisor, Ma’am Daphne. I gave the evaluation form to her.

Time Out (PM) – 5:35 pm   

                     HOME and Happy! 🙂 But I will still attend until friday as suggested by our co-interns from UNP.

Accomplishments 👏:

  • Answered telephone calls
  • Assisted Taxpayers
  • Continued to Consolidate the No payment, Manual Payment, Late-Filing and Non-Filers.
  • Printed a lot of letters of Ma’am Daphne
  • Went to Ma’am Jasmine to let her scan-email the document given by Ma’am Imelda
  • Got form 2551M and put it on the drawers
  • Corrected my mistakes
  • Let Ma’am Daphne signed transmittal
  • Wrote 7 letters on the Referral Logbook

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