BIR: DAY 24/25

by audzquepal

MAY 16, 2017 (Tuesday)

Two Days left and It became more workaholic!

Time In (AM) – 07:38 am

                Ma’am Daphne called me and gave me a task to consolidate the number of No Payment, Manual Payment, Late Filing and Non-Filers. She plotted the format that she knows. She also said I go to Ma’am Jasmine to get the remaining transmittal but she said I wait for a while because she was doing her work. Ma’am JO was absent so I had lots of time to work. I made two memos regarding on a closure of a business. I answered a telephone call looking for Ma’am Nadine. I continued working and counting the number of cases with the aid of Gester and John Gee

Time Out (AM) – 12:10 pm

                I got the evaluation for from Ma’am Shantel. Ate at Aziz with Ate Trisha, UNP BSBA Major in FM.

Time In (PM) – 1:50 pm

                Continued the letter of 2015 and went down to Ma’am Daphne to tell that I finished it already. She said that there was a change in the format and I was like WHAT?! my efforts were put into waste. I went to Ate Trisha to seek for help. I made the template, while she inputted the numbering. I went to watch football players with ate Juvy, Gester and one FM. Ma’am Anna asked me to check the date on the calendar.

Time Out (PM) – 5:10 pm   

                     HOME 🙂

Accomplishments 👏:

  • Answered telephone calls
  • Assisted Taxpayers
  • Consolidated the No payment, Manual Payment, Late-Filing and Non-Filers.
  • Made 2 memo’s about closure
  • Edited and changed the format of my consolidation
  • Corrected my mistakes

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