BIR: DAY 23/25

by audzquepal

MAY 15, 2017 (Monday)

Three Days left and I’m done being an Intern!

Time In (AM) – 07:32 am

            Flag ceremony scheme; Prayer before work, Lupang Hinirang, Panata sa Watawat, DOF Credo, Announcement or remarks by sir Aldo. He just said that they will have a meeting with the regional director on June.

              Approached Ma’am Daphne and asked if I did my task right, Ma’am JO told me to get 10 folders. Punched and filed the folders (TCC, LN, eLAs) Helped Ma’am Jona in tilting her screen. Went down to print transmittal and helped Ma’am Daphne open her PC. Went down to let Ma’am Jasmine receive the letters and she said jokingly “andito ka na naman”. Fixed the error of Kuya Drei. Ma’am JO told me to go down and tell Sir Glenn to look for RMC No. 59 -2015. Let Examiners receive and sign the documents in the logbook. Went down to give the envelope to Ma’am Daphne because she called using the telephone. Ma’am Nadine got a copy of the word document Non-Filers for 2015 and 2016.

Time Out (AM) – 12:10 pm

                Treated them at Chowking because of the deal of me being a President’s List .

Time In (PM) – 1:00 pm

                Watched, Played and used the laptop. Punched and filed three documents of Ma’am Nadine. Watched movies from my laptop and viewed pictures.

Time Out (PM) – 5:10 pm   

                     HOME 🙂

Accomplishments 👏:

  • Got 10 pieces of folders at the admin section
  • Punched and filed documents for filing (TCC, LN, eLAs)
  • Printed the transmittal of the previous letters
  • Received the transmittal and letters to Ma’am Jasmine
  • Helped Ma’am Jona in tilting the screen of her PC
  • Went down to tell Sir Glenn to look at RMC No. 59-2015
  • Let the examiners sign and receive their Memorandum of Assignment
  • Corrected the errors of Kuya Drei
  • Went down to give the brown envelope to Ma’am Daphne
  • Answered various telephone calls
  • Assisted Taxpayers
  • Punched and filed three documents of Ma’am Nadine

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