BIR: Day 21/25

by audzquepal

MAY 11, 2017 (Thursday)

No move, No work.

Time In (AM) – 7:47 am

               After signing the logbook, I started doing the letters Ma’am Daphne told me. I contacted her through my phone and texted her about my queries. She told me to Validate the 2016 list using the I.T.S. She said that I email the Audit Findings 2017 to Ma’am Eden using the Microsoft Outlook and CC Ma’am Imelda. I used the I.T.S., thank goodness I did not forget how to use the system. The excel trick helped me be efficient. I had some breaks to let my eyes rest for a while. My friends were busy playing

Time Out (AM) – 12:25 pm

                I ate lunch with my family at Angkong’s Seafood Restaurant. My stomach was delighted because of the yummy food that they served.

Time In (PM) – 12:55 pm

                I thought my classmates arrived earlier. The UNP M.A Interns teased me saying funny things about them leaving me. I continued the letters while listening to music. Ate Divine interviewed me about random facts and my trip to South Korea. I continued working on the letters until I’m 1/3 done. I relaxed and played for a while because there was no examiner at that time. Auntie Naty was looking for the money of Ma’am Imelda  at her desk, she couldn’t find it so she asked me to call Ma’am Imelda but she can not be reached. Ate Juvy came and told me to check my phone because Ma’am Nadine texted me. I thought she was joking because I don’t have that much of a connection with Ma’am Nadine. Instead of her, Ma’am Daphne was the one who called me telling that I resend the mail using a different email address. After a few minutes, I received the text of Ma’am Nadine saying that I open her PC and check for the M.O.A. number and the date of two companies. Then, Ma’am Hazel called me saying to open her PC too and check for the M.O.A. number and the date of two companies. I became an instant assistant to them and it makes me feel important because out of the many interns there, they still chose me even if their having a seminar somewhere in Manila. My co-interns were even telling that Ma’am Imelda will call me and I giggled a bit.

Time Out (PM) – 5:00 pm   

                     HOME 🙂

Accomplishments 👏:

  • Emailed Audit Tax Finding of Ma’am Daphne and sent it to Ma’am Eden.
  • Assisted Taxpayers
  • Answered telephone calls
  • Continued the Letters of the Non-filers
  • Validated the Non-Filers for 2016 using the I.T.S.
  • Looked for the documents of Ma’am Nadine and sent her the M.O.A. number and the date
  • Looked for the documents of Ma’am Hazel and sent her the M.O.A. number and the date.

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