BIR: Day 18/25

by audzquepal

MAY 08, 2017 (Monday)


Time In (AM) – 7:45 am


                  We had a flag ceremony and I thought I would be late.  Sir Aldo was telling that they reached their goal for the month of April. He also was complaining that Urdaneta and Alaminos has small goals but has many examiners unlike RDO-2 that has higher goal. He also compared the goal of Laoag that there’s only a slight difference. Ma’am Nadine had also reached her goal for the 1st Semester. Sir Aldo plans to hire and promote his colleagues.  Idle for a couple of minutes. Ma’am Imelda asked who made the TAMP letters and she said that I summarize 2015 & 2016 Manual Payment and Late Filing. Encoded the address and Transmittal. Printed the address.

Time Out (AM) – 12:10 pm

                 We ate at Aziz again.

Time In (PM) – 12:38 pm

                       IMG-20170508-00333                Played games and I let the JO and Gester have a match. Then, I went to ask Auntie Naty to go and load Ma’am Eden. I went down to Ma’am Adela to request clamps. I attached files of the Registry of Deeds documents and ONETT Computation sheet. I changed the mistakes of the ONETT Computation sheet (The names) and gave it to Ma’am Eden. I punched & filed documents of TCVD Reports 2017. (Hahaha I was the one who wrote it and I will have 7 months legacy!) Balanced the Annex A16 and it feels so good!  😊 There was an error on the Tax type IE. I typed and checked all amounts.  I searched for the TVCD of the Months of February and March but only found February. Filed and gave to Ma’am Jona. I went down to help but they didn’t seek for it. So we chatted and watched taxpayers. We talked with ate Trisha.

Time Out (PM) – 5:10 pm   


Accomplishments 👏:

  • Summarized 2015 valid & invalid, 2016 Manual Payment & Late Filing
  • Encoded address of the Mail and Transmittal
  • Printed the address
  • Bundled Tamp Documents
  • Helped in encoding for the T.I.S. No., Citation No., and Trade name
  • Assisted Taxpayers

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