BIR: Day 15/25

by audzquepal

MAY 03, 2017 (Wednesday)

Accumulated a total of 120 hours. No supervisor today so did not accomplish that much.

Time In (AM) – 8:00 am

              Ma’am Daphne asked if the letter were okay and if my task was already finished. Then, Ma’am Jona told me to text Kuya Neil about the First Opportunity notice, where he stopped. He replied fast and said ask Kuya John. I went to help Ma’am Au carry things from her cabinet. After that, I was requested via phone by Ma’am Daphne to compute for the aggregate collectible for 2016. I segregated Manual Payment and Late Filing and gave to Ma’am Daphne. She said I go to Ma’am Imelda and she became a little bit hysterical then I explained it to her and she got it calmly. Johngee and I goofed around for a bit because we don’t have any tasks yet. Gester was angry about some FM Interns that sits around and does nothing.

Time Out (AM) – 12:05 pm

We ate at Aziz again without John Gee.

Time In (PM) – 12:20 pm

              We decided to refill our water inside and we saw Ma’am JO. She said that she would be on an Official Business for Two days because they have a seminar to attend. I continued doing the First Opportunity Letter for the month of March. We searched from the storage room but there was no more data for months of February, May-August and September-December were finished. I taped files of Ma’am Au along with Christopher. Then, I got bored because no tasks were given so; I decided to play Solitaire on Ma’am Anna’s PC.

Time Out (PM) – 5:00 pm   

                     I didn’t went home immediately because my Mom has her “panata” every May 03 so, we went to have a mass.

Accomplishments 👏:

  • Went to help Ma’am Au carry things from her cabinet
  • Computed for the aggregate collectible for both Manual Payment and Late Filing
  • Answered Telephone Calls
  • Assisted Tax Payers & Answered their Queries
  • I worked on the First Opportunity Notice told by Ma’am Jona
  • Taped files of Ma’am Au

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