BIR: 14/25

by audzquepal

MAY 02, 2017 (Tuesday)
I thought that I was late. I attended flag ceremony and I was surprised because It was Tuesday but there was no work yesterday.

Time In (AM) – 7:55 am

              I went to report to Ma’am Daphne what I did last Friday and told her that some letters does not have envelopes and I amended the transmittal. She gave me a task which was to make a letter of EFPS – Manual payment and Late Filing letter. I used excel and made my work easier by thinking outside the box. I made use of tables with corresponding formulas. I already had a basis and I learned from my previous work. My friends from UNP: Jessica, Joanne, Mavic, Leo and my SPCIS classmates convinced me to eat lomi and shanghai at AZIZ that will serve as  our merienda.  We talked about school life and we were satisfied.  I answered phone calls looking for Ma’am Daphne. I helped taxpayers by assisting them to Ma’am JO and giving them chairs.

                We did not have lunch because we ate our merienda at 11:00. We were still full at that moment.

SO no time out (AM) and time in (PM)

               I went to the first floor to print the transmittal. I cut and pasted the remaining letters.  I was idle for a couple of hours until I went down to let Ma’am Daphne’s letter be received by Ma’am Jasmine but she said there was no postage stamp yet. She said I return when the time will 4:30 pm. I also went to ask about the toner for canon but there was no deliveries yet. I gave the letters of Ma’am Au to Ma’am Susana. Ma’am Susana said I call Sir Rey but he was not around. I asked Kuya William and Ma’am Alma about certification but they have no idea. Then, Ma’am Susana said I call Ma’am Arlyn. Ma’am JO asked me if I know how to install the printer and I said yes but I didn’t install it because it required administrative password. Ma’am Imelda asked me to get documents from Ma’am Susana but she was busy.

Time Out (PM) – 5:10 pm   

                     Skedaddled home. I just want to go home early 😁😄

Accomplishments 👏:

  • Finished First Letter and Computed for their surcharge and total amount.
  • Finished Second Letter and Computed for their surcharge, interest and total amount
  • Answered Phone Calls
  • Assisted Tax Payers & Answered their Queries
  • Went to print transmittal at the first floor
  • Cut and Pasted remaining letters
  • Went to Ma’am Jasmine and let her receive the letters.

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