BIR: 13/25

by audzquepal

APRIL 28, 2017 (Friday)
Finally accumulated half of 200 hours. Time really flies so fast!

Time In (AM) – 7:55 am

              Signed the logbook. Ma’am JO, our supervisor, was not around and I knew that I won’t do much this day. Kuya Neil told me to help him by arranging letters based on the transmittal. After finishing that task, I assisted Gester by dictating the values that he will input using MS Excel. Then I was idle for a long time.

Time Out (AM) – 12:15 pm

                      Ate at AZIZ again and planned to order its FAMOUS LOMI. We ordered One Special Lomi and One Regular Lomi . We thought that we could not eat them all but we just did. 😂😂😂

Time In (PM) – 12:45 pm            

               I looked for long bond paper asked by Ma’am Jona, went to Ma’am Dorothy and she told me to go at the guard and ask him. The guard said we go to the basement but it was out of stock. I encoded letters and changed the date and address requested by Ma’am Eden.  I edited the transmittal of Ma’am Daphne. I added and removed names instructed by Trisha.  Then, Sir Glenn asked me to let him use the PC of Ma’am Daphne and he asked my name and school.  I folded letters and inserted them to the envelope. Ma’am Eden asked me to search for June and August 2015 TAMP. The storage room was so hot and I was asking myself: “Why does she always command me, she’s not even an employee @ RDO-2 anymore.” I went to ask Ma’am Freda  if she still accepts document stamp and cert fee requested by ma’am Imelda. She does not accept anymore because there was a cutoff time. I was idle and we talked with ate Joana asked her about her course and school requirements. Last thing I did was, I wrote at the logbook with small descriptions to serve as basis for Memorandum of Assignment.

Time Out (PM) – 5:10 pm   

                     Went home and will resume on Tuesday because Monday is a Holiday! WOOH 😁😄

Realizations 🤔:

  • Seek for something to do
  • Open up more
  • Learn to be tactical

Accomplishments 👏:

  • Punched and Filed OTH documents
  • Answered phone calls
  • Assisted Tax Payers & Answered their Queries
  • Removed finished file & gave it to Kuya John to segregate it
  • Cut and Pasted mailing address
  • I gave documents that were signed by Ma’am JO to Ma’am Nadine
  • Helped Gester in dictating values
  • Encoded Letter & Changed the date and address
  • Edited the transmittal of Ma’am Daphne
  • Folded letters & Inserted them to the envelope
  • Ma’am Eden asked me to search for June & August TAMP.
  • Went down to give documents to Kuya John
  • Wrote at the logbook for M.O.A.

Step out and let the moment sink in!

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