BIR: Day 7 / Day 25

by audzquepal

APRIL 20, 2017 (Thursday)

I noticed that there’s a pattern of the load of work like MWF- Frenzy Mode and TTH- Relax Mode.

Time In (AM) – 7:55 am

                I came a little bit later because it’s awkward to be early and greet the examiners one by one. I had a little chitchat to Ma’am Dorothy about her classmate Tita Lani and shared stories about Tita saying she was the Valedictorian of their batch from Grade School to Highschool. Then back to normal. I remember what Ma’am Eden said that we will paste address on envelopes and put the letters there. Sir Jerome asked me to get a puncher and fasteners at the admin. Answered two phone calls that was intended for the examiners. Ma’am Susana was on Official Business so Ma’am JO was her representative, she signed documents and I became her messenger. People looking for her will look for me first to let me get documents and let her initially sign. I went to the first floor back to the third floor not once not twice but multiple times. SO TIRING ASDFGHJKL. I assisted taxpayers too.

Time Out (AM) – 12:10 pm

We ate at AZIZ without our female classmate. We talked about the song of Sir Jerome where we teased our friend “toro toro”.

Time In (PM) – 12:35 pm

                We went back and Ma’am Au saw me and told me to photocopy documents. I gave her the photocopied files then she said I repeat it again because I made a mistake. Checks and documents should be separated. The photocopying machine was cringe worthy for it was slow and had many errors. Ma’am Dorothy and Jasmine asked me If I would like to be an employee after I became a CPA then we shared stories. Ma’am Au made me look for the documents of Ma’am Eden and I saw it at an envelope with her ratings. Ma’am Jo asked me to let all examiners receive and sign at the logbook. Photocopied nine documents (AFFIDAVIT). Answered two phone calls. I helped a client and got the form she needs which was Form 0605. I volunteered to Ma’am Daphne that I’ll go to Ma’am Jo to let her sign and receive the document because the client was a PWD.  Ma’am Anna gave us sheets of paper that we will cut. From the same names to the Remarks then went home after.   

Time Out (PM) – 5:20 pm

                It was tiring because of the up and down scheme. The temperature from the 1st Floor and 3rd Floor confuses my body because it changes from cold to hot. Went home and my phone literally got dead.

Realizations 🤔:

  • Never say No
  • Make friends
  • Learn to be humble and ask or clarify things
  • Don’t be assuming 
  • Be courteous and alert 

Accomplishments 👏:

  • Pasted address on the envelope and sorted them by address so that It will be easier when I will put the letters on the envelope.
  • Some letters have no envelope address and some envelope address has no letters
  • Assisted taxpayers
  • Sir Jerome asked me to get puncher and fasteners at the admin
  • Ma’am JO requested me to get correction tape and I corrected the Branch to office
  • Ma’am Nikki asked me to go to ma’am Jo and let her receive the memo
  • I became the messenger of Ma’am JO since Ma’am Susan was not around so Ma’am JO was tasked to sign. Clients of Sir Rey came to look for me.
  • Ma’am Au requested me to photocopy her documents
  • I looked for document of Ma’am Eden and saw it on an envelope
  • Helped a client and went to admin to get form 0605
  • Ma’am JO asked me to let Ma’am Imelda, Hazel and Jona to sign the logbook for their respective document
  • Ma’am Jona asked me to give here personal data to Ma’am Jasmine
  • Ma’am imelda said I go look for Ma’am Jona because her client came back
  • Photocopied Affidavit 9 copies and let all examiners receive it thru the logbook
  • I volunteered to Ma’am Daphne that I’ll be the one to let ma’am JO sign it because the person is disabled
  • Answered a lot of Phone calls
  • Helped Ma’am Anna cut names from the list

Up and Down. – This was my motto for today hahaha! 

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