BIR: Day 6 / Day 25

by audzquepal


Ma’am Eden was present because she’s preparing for her clearance and vacating her place. Today marks my most productive day. I was literally like the Intern of the Day.

Time In (AM) – 7:40 am

            I signed the logbook. I was first intern AGAIN. My first task was given by Sir Jerome that was to put pages in the documents. There was only one UNP intern around so we had plenty of opportunity to work our asses off. I was idle until Ma’am Eden came back and she requested me to look for the corresponding numbers known as TIS and put their name on the list then fastened it. Ma’am Jo requested me to tell Ma’am Zeny if she can use the email address of Ma’am Eden and ask for the file name of the document. A client came and I assisted her and she said that I follow up Ma’am Nadine. Ma’am Imelda, Ma’am Eden and Ma’am Jo requested that I let Ma’am Susan to initially sign the documents and give it to Ma’am Nikki for the final signing of the RDO-OIC. Ma’am Nikki asked me to give letters to Ma’am Imelda also Ma’am Jasmine asked me to give letters to Ma’am Jo. Ma’am Imelda said that I let Sir Jerome, Ma’am Nadine, Hazel,  Anna, and Daphne to receive the MEMO but Ma’am Anna was hesitant to sign because of the discrepancies of the number so she asked me to counter check the list. It really didn’t tally. There was a little feud happening around the assessment section.

Time Out (AM) – 12:15 pm

            We ate lunch at AZIZ food hauz. Our MOA wasn’t signed due to errors. We had a little chat about our work.

Time In (PM) – 12:30 pm

          I thought I will be idle again but after 30 minutes, task were flowing like a continuous river. Same routine that proceed to the first floor, let Assistant RDO sign and proceed to Ma’am Nikki for the final sign made by Sir Aldo then go back upstairs give to Ma’am JO.  I did this for a couple of time. I filed and fastened documents about ONETT and OTH. I photocopied documents requested by Ma’am Eden and Ma’am Imelda. When Ma’am Anna came back from her field work, I gave the tally already and let her receive the letter. Many taxpayers came so I assisted some of them. I went to let Ma’am Nadine, Daphne and Ma’am Jona sign the logbook upon receiving their MOA. I had a little problem when Ma’am Nadine asked for the documents so I went back to Ma’am JO. I forgot to bring the folders EEKK MY BAD. Then Sir Jerome asked me to put the letters to the guard. That finishes my day.

Time Out (PM) – 5:00 pm

              I’m Tired today and I need to rest. 

Realizations 🤔:

  • Never say No
  • Make friends
  • Learn to be humble and ask or clarify things
  • Don’t be assuming 
  • Be courteous and alert 

Accomplishments 👏:

  • Ma’am Jo asked me to tell Ma’am Zenaida if possible she will use the email add. of Ma’am Eden
  • Ma’am Jasmine asked me to give the letters to Ma’am Jo 
  • I went to help a client and asked Ma’am Nadine for follow up
  • Ma’am Imelda requested that I let Sir Jerome, Nadine, Daphne, Hazel and Anna to receive it. 
  • Ma’am Nikki asked me to give letters to Ma’am Imelda
  • Ma’am Eden asked me to put and check the names to their corresponding TIS
  • Ma’am Jo requested me to get fasteners and punch and file
  • Ma’am Jo and Eden told me to go to Ma’am Susan and let her intially sign 
  • Filed papers and fastened them for both ONETT & OTH
  • Went to Ma’am Susan to sign documents of Ma’am Jo and Ma’am Imelda and went to Ma’am Nikki
  • Photocopied documents requested by Ma’am Eden and Ma’am Imelda
  • Gave the Tally sheet to Ma’am Anna and she received it. 
  • Assisted Taxpayers
  • Went to Ma’am Nadine, Daphne, and Ma’am Jona to let them receive and sign the log books
  • Went to look for Ma’am Eden as requested by Sir Jerome. 

Up and Down. – This was my motto for today hahaha! 

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