BIR: Day 5 / Day 25

by audzquepal

APRIL 18, 2017 (TUESDAY)

I was able to have 40 hours already. Time is really fast. Today Ma’am Jo replaced Ma’am Eden and the result was we, as Interns, got unproductive. She was just starting and familiarizing the atmosphere.

Time In (AM) – 7:45 am

            Greeted the guard and signed the logbook. I thought I was late but I was even the first intern that entered BIR. I was anticipating the new head assessor Ma’am JO. I saw her last Wednesday because of Ma’am Eden. She introduced her to me and Ma’am JO assisted me on my RDO-02 excel file. I was waiting for a task but there was no call so we went to introduce ourselves to our new boss. She’s just new so she doesn’t no the whereabouts of BIR. We were divided and she said that she has no task to give yet, Ma’am Imelda immediately told us that we find the ITR of the taxpayers. We went to the storage area and retrieved files but we only saw 8/20 ITR’s. Ma’am JO asked me to copy the letter to the logbook and request for two new log books. Then I went back to help my co-intern until it was lunchtime. We met new acquaintances that are studying Management Accounting at UNP.

Time Out (AM) – 12:00 pm

            We ate lunch at AZIZ food hauz again and again. I ate veggies because of the news that eating meat during hot hours can lead to heat stroke. We also got our MOA from our Professor, Ma’am Shantel.

Time In (PM) – 12:25 pm

            We then became IDLE because there was nothing to do until Ma’am Hazel asked me to change the date of the First Opportunity Notice Letter from April 17 to April 18. Then I answered phone calls for the first time saying “Good Afternoon Ma’am/Sir, How may I help you?”.  Sir Jerome asked me to go find Ma’am Alma and give the documents. Then our day was done. It was totally unproductive. We didn’t do much today unlike previous days. ”

Time Out (PM) – 5:00 pm

              I was so eager to go home and have something to do. This is the first time I got home so early.

Realizations 🤔:

  • Change is constant
  • I prefer working than resting
  • Be courageous
  • Learn to face challenges
  • Don’t be a nagger

Accomplishments 👏:

  • Checked the Storage Are for the missing ITR’s and Retrieved files
  • Helped Ma’am Hazel change the date of the First Opportunity Notice from April 17 to April 18
  • Answered three phone calls for the first time
  • Helped tax payers of their queries 
  • Wrote at the Logbook and Requested for 2 log books
  • Continued what I left last Wednesday the Excel File named RDO-O2
  • Sir Jerome Asked me to give papers to Ma’am Alma 

Change relatively hurts 

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