BIR: Day 4 / Day 25

by audzquepal

APRIL 17, 2017 (MONDAY)

After Holy Week comes another week for my internship. This time it would be a full five-day work. Today is the last day of Filing.

Time In (AM) – 7:25 am

            I arrived at BIR earlier because I want to attend their flag ceremony. As usual, I signed at the logbook.  Their flag ceremony includes A prayer for work, Philippine National Anthem and BIR pledge (something like that). It was my first time to see Mr. Aldo Esmeña, the RDO-02 OIC, he was beaming with energy when he announced that he was promoted together with Ma’am Susana. I continued my work that I left last Wednesday. When I was finished, I asked Ma’am Eden about things that confuse me and thankfully she didn’t get annoyed. I separated sheets from No file and Double entries. Next thing I did was to look at the Memo’s and check for the discrepancies of the company’s sales and purchases. I tried to accomplish it before lunch but, I failed.

Time Out (AM) – 12:25 pm

We ate lunch at AZIZ food hauz again. Our female classmate was absent. After eating, we went to try the free ice cream from BIR. It was nice that they thought of this because there were a lot of people inside and it was sizzling hot.

Time In (PM) – 12:50 pm

         I continued working on the discrepancies. I can’t figure it out at first but with the aid of Ma’am Eden I finished it.  TAKE NOTE: Every assessor at the assessment area are CPA’s WoW! My next task was to encode the Due to BIR (Our lesson in Gov’t Acctg) and Second Opportunity Notice where I changed the dates. Then printed it and let it be signed by Ma’am Susana. I followed up the progress of Ma’am Imelda and Ma’am Au about their Due to BIR. They said that they will finish it after they deal with their clients. Unexpectedly NDRMMC texted me that there was an Earthquake having a magnitude of 4.4 at Ilocos Norte😱. Then it went viral over our workplace. I thought I miss photocopying but it just frustrated me especially when errors came. I was pushing to be efficient but I sacrificed to be effective. I met new acquaintances and talked with Ma’am Hazel. I learned how to fax too with the aid of Ma’am Dorothy.

Time Out (PM) – 5:20 pm

At first I thought it would be smooth but when it was about time to go, I was unorganized and uncomfy. I felt relieved when I timed out and went back home.

Realizations 🤔:

  • Never stop being curious 
  • Never sacrifice being effective 
  • Learn to be organized
  • Admit that you don’t know what to do and ask for help
  • Don’t judge a person

Accomplishments 👏:

  • Went to Ma’am Au & Ma’am Imelda to ask their Due to BIR
  • Encoded Due to BIR
  • Encoded and Fixed First Opportunity Notice to Second Opportunity Notice and the date of the S.O.N.
  • Printed the file and asked for One Rim of A4
  • Learned how to fax 
  • Continued what I left last Wednesday the Excel File named RDO-O2
  • Transferred values from the Hardcopy to Excel, Values of Purchase and Sales
  • Segregated through the sheet files that have no data, no 2011 file and double entry
  • Helped segregated January, February and March Files.
  • Went to Ma’am Susana to let her sign the letters I printed.
  • Photocopied files

No  pain, No gain