BIR: Day 3 / Day 25

by audzquepal




I’m getting along with everyone. Less talk and more work.

Time In (AM) – 7:45 am

            Signed the logbook and the guard told me to wear my ID but I already had my name plate. It’s kinda weird because it is just redundant. I went to the assessment area and asked Ms. Eden what to do next. She said that I have to give the letters to Mrs. Susana and let it be signed, however, the guard said not to go there and be back at around 8:15 am. The next thing that I did was to photocopy a document and checked if the companies were in the files. Then, I organized files at the cabinets and it was really smoking hot. I went back to the first floor to resume my task and Mrs. Susana Immediately signed it. Ms. Eden told me to encode the taxes of what I have retrieved from the folders. I didn’t finish it.

Time Out (AM) – 12:20 pm

We ate lunch at AZIZ food hauz again. Nothing exciting to share.

Time In (PM) – 12:40 pm

          I immediately continued my work that is to encode. When I was almost done encoding the assessment, collection and tax type,  Mr. Jerome came and asked if I could lend him his computer. I can’t resume so I had time to rest and relax. After a couple of minutes, I went to the first floor to ask Ms. Cheche about the project RIP if the Jan-March files were finished. She said that she’s not yet done and I’ll just come back.  Gester and I was assigned to check the log books if there was no pulling out of printer. It took us hours to finish it. We went to the guard to ask if there are recent logbooks that we could check. Some taxpayers asked us about forms but we’re confused because some of the forms were empty so we went to the administrative section. We asked Mr. Joel if he had a Form 1702 MX but he said that we ask the guard. We went to the guard AGAIN and he said we go to the basement to get the file. Out of curiosity, I got excited to go down the spiral stairs and saw cars and a lot of forms. We went back to our floor to continue our pending work. Ms. Au shared their Ice cream and Bread to us. Ms. Eden introduced to me her replacement and she is far far far friendlier. I continued encoding but I didn’t finish it and said to myself I’ll accomplish them on Monday.

Time Out (PM) – 5:20 pm

I’m not that tired today because I think I got used to it. This day, there was less standing and more sitting. And this day ends our Internship for the week ☺

Realizations 🤔:

  • Face your fears
  • Never pinpoint
  • Have the sense of Initiative
  • Learn to familiarize each person because when they ask someone and you don’t know, the result will be awkward 
  • Strategize your tasks

Accomplishments 👏:

  • Gave letter to Mrs. Susana
  • Checked and verified documents
  • Helped my co-intern photocopy and photocopied one document
  • Arranged files at the Cabinets
  • Encoded and checked taxes in the excel file and the corresponding date, collection and assessment
  • Searched something in the logbook
  • Went to Ms. Cheche to ask for RIP reports
  • Went to ask the guards for the recent log books
  • Went to find the folder of one company and check if the folder has 2013 file.

I think I finished a lot of small tasks

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