BIR: DAY 1/ DAY 25 – First Day as an Intern

by audzquepal

APRIL 10, 2017 (MONDAY)


As we were on our way to BIR, I felt excited and anxious. I was a little bit terrified because I will encounter different personalities and tasks that may be out of my comfort zone.

Mrs. Solomon, Our Program Chair, deployed us and gave instructions. We started signing the logbook outside where the guards facilitated the flow. We waited until the flag ceremony was over. After that, Mrs. Jasmine, Admin Officer assisted us and gave our time in and time out.

Initially, they said that we will be distributed  into two, one for the assistant officer and three for the assessment officer but the plan didn’t push through so, we were all at the assessment officer located at the third floor.

Time In (AM) – 8:00am

Ms. Eden, our “boss” hehe, delegated tasks already and I instantly had work to do. I was tasked to photocopy documents. A fourth year BSBA major in HRDM studying at UNP taught me how to photocopy documents. I immediately looked for the names that are on the list. It was tedious. I searched the whole folders and some where not there, it almost took me an hour to finish my task. My place was hot and it was like a storage area because it had lots of folders and papers. I even had a paper cut while browsing files. After finishing my task, I immediately reported it to Ms. Eden and asked what to do next. She then went to demonstrate what I should do. The next thing to do was to photocopy all those 2011 reports but I only finished around 25 out of 100. Why did I only finished 25? because the Xerox Machine needs to be checked after refilling the “drum” so it hindered me to finish it.

Some of the pics:

Time Out (AM) – 12:00 pm

We ate lunch at AZIZ food hauz where I saw my cousin.  It was full with hustling people.

Time In (PM) – 12:35 pm

We went to work after our lunch in order for us to finish tasks. I continued photocopying with the scheme of: remove irrelevant sheets – get 2011 files – get fastener – photocopy – add back irrelevant sheets together with original 2011 files.  Some of my co-intern (from unp) asked if they can help me and I gratefully responded yes. Wooh! I felt relieved hearing that from them. It was about time that they realize I needed helpSame routine until the photocopying machine got idle. I helped Gester and John Gee in sorting the envelopes. Ms. Au, an examiner, asked if any one knows how to scan documents and I did not hesitate to volunteer. I scanned four documents using a brother printer-scanner machine. After scanning, we then made our journal (what we accomplished) and let our boss sign it. She told us that our journal is important because she will be transferred next week and it will serve as a basis of our grade.

Time Out (PM) – 5:15 pm

Went home instantly because I feel sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo TIRED.


  • Patience was the key to keep me going
  • You’ll never realize the pain until you experience it
  • Make connections and collaborate
  • Don’t complain every time
  • Make the most out of your break to sit and relax


  • Got to get needed folders/files
  • Learned how to photocopy 
  • Segregated files
  • Scanned documents
  • Helped my co-interns in sorting envelopes
  • Returned back finished folders 

I now know how hard it is to work.