by audzquepal

2016-date2016 was a leap year and I knew that it would end up like a roller coaster ride.

These are my TOP3 memorable experiences: 

  1. TPSLC2K16 & Dumaguete Trip – June 21-26, 2016


       Tertiary Paulinian Student Leaders Congress is not the typical leadership seminar because it focuses on actual practice and not through words or talks. St. Paul University Dumaguete hosted the event. My leadership skills were honed and we even met new acquaintances from different Paulinian Universities(SPUP,SPUD,SPUM,SPUS,SPUI,SPUQC and SPCISπŸ’•). There were various activities that I adored like the IMMERSION, TEAM BUILDING, TREE PLANTING, COASTAL CLEANUP  & EPIC TEMPURA SELLING AT RIZAL BOULEVARD.  There were 50+ participants including the facilitators. Dumaguete is known for its famous SANS RIVAL Bistro that offers cakes, pastries and luscious sans rival & sylvanas, I even bought loads of it (takaw much). Tierra Alta is like the counterpart of VITALIS because both resemble the Santorini Vibe, but their difference is that Vitalis is near the sea while Tierra Alta is near the mountain. We won (Yellow Turkey) 2nd Place in the Amazing Race este Team Building and even got a medal from SPUD. English is the most common way to understand one another plus their accent is one of a kind. It was indeed a “City of Gentle People”. 

  2. SOUTH KOREA TRIP – November 23-26.2

          My second international trip after HK and the place was filled with tradition and innovation, Koreans  know how to preserve their culture. The place was in a late autumn and in an early winter. The weather was freezing cold (kumutukot ti bagi ti lamiis na jusko!), glad my winter wear was there to help me get comfy. Their Airport is one of the biggest and it is considered also as one of the best airport in the world. My favorite highlights of our trip were in Mt. Sorak (a snowcapped mountain with cable cars), Kimchi Making (there was also a seaweed factory inside and we wore the traditional clothes called hanbok), Nami Island (where The Winter Sonata was taken), Bibimbap making (It is like our halo-halo but the ingredients are colorful veggies and spices then mixed with rice), and the traditional houses. Kimchi FEVER! Every meal there is kimchi, it is said that it is intended for winter because no crops survive during the winter season and the shelf life of a traditional kimchi is long, approximately 2-3  months/years.

  3.  ARC2k16 – February 23-25.3

        My first time joining the three day Annual Regional Congress at Fiesta Garden spearheaded by RFJPIA-R1&CAR. It was the time that I applied for a position (VP for Communication) but God had other plans for me. I was a part of the standing committee where I became an Emcee of the opening program, a scorer and a timekeeper. At first, I was hesitant because I don’t know anyone and it is out of my comfort zone to mingle with strangers but thank God I survived and enhanced my communication and social skills. Our school only had 7 delegates but we won many non-academic contest. Refer to (url). The most tragic part was the Miting de Avance (literal na gisa-gisa ako) at midnight so I tried my best to impress them (lesson learned if you want to pursue being an REO you better be a standing committee or have lots of connection with the present REOs)

Cheers to 2016 πŸŽ‰