Space Mountain

by audzquepal


Life is incomplete if there are no thrilling moments in our life. Riding on a roller coaster is a heart-pounding and nerve-wrecking experience of mine but it is memorable and I consider it a thrilling one.

It was March 29 2014 when I visited Hong Kong Disneyland along with my Tita Karen and cousin Camille. The weather was gloomy; however, it didn’t stop us from exploring the place although some rides were closed. Upon entering the place we saw statues of Disney characters that looked like the ones in the movies. There were seven park layouts namely: Main Street, U.S.A., Adventureland, Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, Toy Story Land, Grizzly Gulch, Mystic Point but the one that struck me most was the Tomorrowland because of its captivating futuristic features.

My Tita left us because she had to buy something for her friend so my cousin and I explored Tomorrowland. We talked about what rides we wanted to try but I told her that I don’t like roller coasters because they make me feel dizzy and ill. There was a ride called Space Mountain that made us want to experience it and I thought it would be just an ordinary ride but it was sort of a roller coaster because when we were waiting for our turn people started screaming and I felt nervous and I began thinking twice if I’ll leave the place or not. When we were already seated I still convinced myself that the Space Mountain is not a roller coaster rather it is like a train. We were already moving and it was totally dark inside until we saw beautiful neon lights that beam inside; however, I was surprised when we suddenly went up-down-left-right in a fast-slow rhythm that scared me but I did not let that stop me from enjoying. I screamed at the top of my lungs whenever we went up-down-left-right until it wasn’t scary anymore. When we returned to the boarding area, I was in awe and my hands were still cold and sweaty and I told my cousin “I really never thought that ride was a roller coaster”. Then we laughed and tried other rides.

Sometimes we must conquer our fears and try to experience new things. The Space Mountain will be my first and last experience of Roller coasters. Indeed it was a thrilling experience of mine that I would not forget.