Talumpati (SPEECH)

by audzquepal


Tomorrow, I will be graded on how I will portray and dictate the speech in Filipino101. It is the 30% of our Final exam.

It will be based on the following criteria:
1. Tiwala sa Sarili (Self Confidence)
2. Tinig (Tone)
3.Kilos (Movements)
4. Bigkas (Pronunciation)
5. Kumpas (Gestures)

The title of our piece is:
Ito Ang Daigdig… Iligtas natin( This World … We must save)

Not only that the other 15% will be extemporaneous speaking or dagliang pagsasalita.

I’m hoping for the best tomorrow. 😊

May God Bless Me ☺️🙏