Our beloved Mother Earth

by audzquepal


I owe my life to a young maiden,
A gentle, pure and caring mother,
She is Gods paradise and heaven,
But now her life is getting shorter.

Now years have passed, day by day,
The maiden is getting very ill,
Because of garbage thrown away,
Like litters and plastics that may kill.

Climate Change, Global Warming is here,
Due to the dirty smoke factories,
UV rays had destroyed the atmosphere,
May destruct and devour countries.

Nature is now dilapidated,
The air that is fresh now putrescent,
The trees cut, felled down and now withered,
And now we smell an unpleasant scent.

Let us gather up and heal the earth,
Our sick maiden is our residence,
For her revenge to us will hence forth,
Act now or there is a consequence.