Journey & 2.2/3 Test Done

by audzquepal

Okay, I went to school very early and I thought that our test is at 7:30 in the morning. I looked at the schedule and I found out that our test is at 9:30 am. I’m 1 and a half hour early. I saw my friends and they insisted that we go to 7/11 or Jollibee because one of my friends didn’t eat breakfast. We walked for like 10 mins until we reached there. We’re in Jollibee already unfortunately what we want to eat wasn’t available 😦 What a bummer right?
So we decided to go to 7/11 and we ate noodles and Champorado.

When we arrived back to school the test was almost starting. I really don’t like NSTP. After that vacant and then our P.E. Exam. Our teacher was a pain-
in-the-neck. She keeps on complaining urghhh so irritating 😤

Yay home. Just stayed in the store and ate plenty of food. I ate 2 ice creams one from selecta and another from 711.

Hahaha. Just Sharing