2/3 Done !

by audzquepal

This day was fun and head pounding.

The test in English was so average and i’m hoping for a high grade.

The worst thing that happened is that we waited for 3 hours until the first exam and we had so many vacant time.

Next, Filipino I just guessed all of the items and i’m hoping for a high grade. The easy part was the communication cycle.

We had lunch in the turo-turo or the point-point 🙂.

We waited for an hour. As we were waiting we watched cute grader who where in training. Basketball players that were so rich that all of their shoes was Nike. They’re so small and petite hahaha <3. We cheered the small one and named him Pinky. All of them were somewhat small and one was chubby hahaha 😉

We took our exams in Math. My mind was boggling. I got some answers wrong hmppp 😤

RelEd exam was easy but i'm not saying that i'll have a high grade 😜.

And i'm just here alone 😞